Thinking About Going Full Resistance Bands

Thinking About Going Full Resistance Bands Y’all Shit sounds crazy. I know. A few months ago when the gyms in my area closed (which was bullshit) I remember I was PISSED. I’m in the gym 5-6 days a week as part of a routine I’ve kept up with for years. …

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My Decision To Go Full Resistance Bands

the back story the day it hit me It was shoulder day. I’ll never forget it. I had a huge software program I was building. Self-imposed deadlines out the ass I was determined to make., fires left and right on multiple servers where I knew I was going to have …

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I’m going to try resistance bands.

resistance bands So because of gyms closing I’ve had to take my own fitness into my own hands. That means getting up at 4:00 am and running (sometimes walking if I’m lifting that day) my 1.5-2 miles around the block instead of a treadmill. So I’ve been doing body exercises …

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