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How To Learn To Code For Free Online

It’s fucking hilarious what people think they have to pay for these days. It’s the digital age and has been for a few years now. But people still insist on paying for shit they don’t have the discipline to look for themselves.

Especially coding.

Being that I’m a developer I always see advertisements online for coding courses. I see ’em on Facebook, Google, you name it. The ads are pretty well put together and they really make an effort to make you think you need ’em.

Now I’m not hatin’ on anybody online tryin’ to make a buck. Let’s get that straight. But I think folks need to be made aware of a few things here. And what I’m about to say doesn’t just apply to coding. It’s with anything else in life or any “course” being sold to you.

You’re not paying for anything except aggregated information. You’re paying for a format. You’re paying for the time it took to aggregate that data. That’s it.

But check this out.

If you have both the time and resources to gather the data yourself then guess what…

You’re essentially paying for lack of discipline.

And that’s truth.

But now that I’ve bashed whole business models hinging on people not having self discipline…allow me to offer the free alternative.

You can learn how to code for FREE online.

Just like pretty much anything else you want to learn these days. You don’t need a coding bootcamp or to buy a $100 course from Codemy. I mean if you think you need those courses to give you self confidence with coding then by all means.

But the beautiful thing about learning code on your own is that the grading system is … either it works or it doesn’t. If it works you pass, if it doesn’t work you fail. It’s an objective set of skills. Now while there are many ways to solve problems in programming.

This is how real gangsters learn to code. Ask the east Indians. Their kids don’t even go to regular schools over there. They pitch in to rent a laptop for about 5 of ’em and all learn code on W3Schools.com. No bullshit. Trust me I have plenty of ’em on payroll, they’ve all told me their stories.

If they can do it then Americans can do it.

This one should be obvious as fuck. YouTube is a search engine…OF VIDEOS. It’s crazy how many people don’t know that YouTube can be used to learn how to code. I used to watch videos to sleep watching PHP tutorials.


Some members on there have free courses and videos and all of that. It can be useful if you’re looking for specified code for nodes or specific functions and solutions.

Code gangster central. No matter how much you know about programming there will always be an O.G. who has way more years in it than you. But a lot of those original coding gangsters have no problem helping folks out. I know plenty of coders (like myself) who frequent StackOverflow on the regular.

Apps in the app store.

I mean it ain’t the most efficient way to do it and you’ll be bombarded with ads and shit but most of ’em are free. Other downsides are you kind of move slow through the questions to the point it seems like grade school learning or something. Maybe you’re brand spanking new to coding so you want to go slow. And if that’s how you rock then try the apps. SoloLearn is the one I’ve used the most during down time.

Inspect/View source code of every website you visit.

For real. Whenever you can, take a website apart by looking at the raw code. Get familiar with seeing blocks of code and you’ll start recognizing elements in no time. Do it often enough and you’ll be using snippets of code to create your own custom script. This is honestly the best way to develop skills in recognizing code and patterns in code.


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