Of Buddhism, Suffering, And Ambition

Of Buddhism, Suffering, And Ambition So there are a certain few Buddhist monks I listen to on the regular due to the interesting topics they discuss and how calming it is while I’m working on programming tasks. One in particular is currently doing a series on the Dhammapada, where he …

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The Cycles Of Civilization

The Arrival   An advanced species arrives. The destination is some new, timeless, and flourishing planet. Everything in perfect balance. Dualities dancing throughout all forms of life, one side never overtaking the other.   The natural order of this destination is temporarily suspended by the arrival of this unknown, advanced …

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Technology- The Great Externalization

First and foremost I have to give credit where credit is due and thank scientist and engineer Gregg Braden who has done an enormous amount of research on this topic. He’s studied ancient civilizations to better understand our current ones. I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants to glean data …

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