Thoughts On Women In The Infantry

my thoughts on women in the infantry
should women fight in combat?
haaaaaayell muthafuckin’ no. this one is pretty cut and dry for me. But i’ll ellaborate.
I’ve known a lot of female Marines and they all agree they shouldn’t be in combat MOS’s.
women are nurturers. women are givers and sustainers of life. in sports competition it’s different because it’s sport.
combat is one set of ideals against another where the casualities are death.
women are not as physically able to
can’t compartmentalize like men can
served with female marines and know a few and they are tough as nails
served with a few female marines who wanted to be grunts, a few i talked out of it, a few weren’t hearing it.
here are a few reasons why women shouldn’t be in combat
maternal instinct
physical stress
women are nurturers – live givers by default, men are life takers
as men we compartmentalize parts of our psyche and engage them when needed. we can kill one minute then love the next. women have a hard time with this , going back to maternal instinct.
I remember one.

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