The Fountainhead

Without a doubt this is one of my favorite pieces of literature of all time. And that makes me misunderstood and even feared in some circles. Fierce individualists who abhor the collective scares collectivized zombies. The masses are toxic and are always wrong. They’re stuck in a state of confusion and self loathing.
Howard Roark is the template for how great the “true artist†can be.
Why people hate Ayn Rand.
Professors hate her because they are largely Marxist indoctrination machines programmed to churn out hive-minded zombies. They worship the mob and loathe the individual who builds just to build. The refuse to leave the loner alone.
Society wants to diagnose and medicate the individualist who lives to create, not to fit in.
They think a person
Subtleties And Bold Points To Take Away From This Work.
Altruism is a guise.
It’s pathetic that everybody in society wears a mask pretending to want to sacrifice for the greater good when behind it all they’re trying to benefit in some way. Altruism by default is blatant dishonesty. Everybody is after something. When people engage in convincing each other that the collective is more important than the individual they play a dangerous game with themselves.
Why people hate The Fountainhead in particular.
Immoral collectivists hate this book because of what it represents, freedom from the mob. They want nobody to be exempt from their silly routines and tradition. They want to feel justified in imposing their old ways of doing things on others.
I’m not a psychologist but I can see these types a mile away and they are the enemy. They’re largely non-producers, leaches. Looking to profit from the creations of others instead of creating something themselves. They’re intellectually lazy.
Some of these types are individual people or whole corporations. Record labels would be an example of this.
Ayn Rand and spirituality.
She was atheist. She subtracted spirituality from her philosophy altogether but a right-brained person like me, a person who is acknowledges his spiritual side correlates a life spent building, creating art, as divine. I believe we are expressions of one force and we are here to create expressions ourselves. To look in the mirror and say…â€I AM and then proceed to create something that other people can connect with and feel on a visceral level. That is the magic of life.

One of my favorite books of all time from one of my favorite authors of all time. This book was a major influence in my life for many reasons.

This is one of those books that can’t be encapsulated in reviews. You have to read it yourself.

Ayn Rand was painting a picture of the ideal man. The man who lives to create and in so doing makes his grand contribution to his fellow man.

To me Rand is saying that if you live to create and hone your skills then others will naturally benefit without you having to sacrifice yourself on the altar of altruism.

The Fountainhead goes into realms of politics which hurts folks’ feelings. But that’s ok. It’s meant to. It shows that the man, the private citizen, the innovator, the entrepreneur is the one to look to.

In the free-market game of risk and reward they’ve acquired the most learned lessons. The individual has the answers, the collective knows nothing.

The collective goes against the individual for just wanting to be an individual. It shows how a man in his life must eventually stare down the crowd and express his right to contribute what he wants, on his own time. Without threat of coercion or penalty for not doing it the way the masses want it to be done.

The Naysayers

I thought because Ayn Rand’s work catches so much hell I’d address those who don’t want you reading The Fountainhead and why.

The politically hyper-educated say Ayn Rand’s work, particularly The Fountainhead is anarcho-capitalist propaganda. Actually it isn’t and if a person thinks that it’s because they’re weak and don’t understand the point of the allegory.


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