Why Non-Sigma Males Don’t Believe We Exist

Omegas don’t understand how Sigma’s can be interchangable with Alphas depending on circumstance. They’ll say this is some sort of envy. But only because they’ve never been able to do this themselves. They’re projecting their inability to fill in as an Alpha and or gain respect/lead a pack.

They also think Sigmas are a result of our age in technology. Not so. There have been many Sigma males throughout history. Achilles would be one. We haven’t been acknowledged within the traditional explanations of traditional heirarchies.

A Sigma reverse engineers the heirarchy. Most of the time even before he learns other vital tasks for functioning in society. He makes a study of his fellow humans’ habits and makes mental notes. He observes and calculates before he acts.

Especially in matters of heirerarchical structure where it can be life or death in some cases.

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