I’m going to try resistance bands.

resistance bands

So because of gyms closing I’ve had to take my own fitness into my own hands. That means getting up at 4:00 am and running (sometimes walking if I’m lifting that day) my 1.5-2 miles around the block instead of a treadmill.

So I’ve been doing body exercises and pull-ups and running and shit. Fitting in workouts where and when I can just like everybody else.

But check this out though…

There’s NO way you should be letting yourself go just because of this ‘rona shit. You get your ass out there and move. Ain’t no damned excuses. I see these memes about people getting fat from staying in the house. Naw bruh. Find a way.

By the way, I see guys complaining about losing gains. Yeah, that too. But for me it’s more about making sure you don’t lose actual strength.


This ONLY-body exercise shit ain’t for me. I ain’t tryin’ to look like Bruce Lee. I like keeping bulk and I’m alright with limited definition. I’m not all into all that doing 1000 pushups a day and shit.

Eventually I’m going to have to throw iron around…

So I as thinking about ordering a home gym, weight set, bench etc. I’ve done it before and sold them during moves. So I figured it was going to be time to bite the bullet and order some new shit.

But then something appeared in my Facebook paid suggestions…

Something about resistance bands.

So I clicked on it. The ad was for some cheap Aliexpress dropshipped product (from China). Matter of fact there were the plenty of ads for the same identical product, all dropshippers. I knew it was “spam” but I got to thinking. Then I went to YouTube and the device cookies had me looking at James Grage videos in my feed.

So I clicked one of his videos and was skeptical but yet amazed at the same time. I immediately thought to myself “Yeah, but does it BUILD muscle though?”.

But then I see this dude’s videos I imagine that I can replicate any range of movement I perform in the gym. On any bar, machine, or dumbells.

Plus they appear to naturally work core. Being that you have to have a stable frame fucking with these bands. You have to stay solid and grounded to isolate the right muscles and not slap yourself in the face on accident.

And while I’m talking about it…

I have seen LeBron and other athletes using them and thought to myself “It must be for toning or rehab or some shit.”. If I even paid it any mind at all.

I’ve also seen some pretty diesel folks using them and thinking they must be toning some shit. Nawl, turns out they’re ahead of the curve and actually building muscle.

So…I ordered some.

I’m going to give them a fair shot and see what happens. I’m not promising anything here. I’m going to try them out and see what’s up.

I’m going to give it my all.  I’m keeping my gym membership for the time being so bare minimum the bands are backup. Also it may turn out this works and I can give up the gym altogether. If I can free myself of a gym and workout exclusively with resistance bands that would be some life changing shit.

I’ll be discussing and documenting the results periodically.


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