My Decision To Go Full Resistance Bands

the back story

the day it hit me

It was shoulder day. I’ll never forget it. I had a huge software program I was building. Self-imposed deadlines out the ass I was determined to make., fires left and right on multiple servers where I knew I was going to have to parse thousands of lines of code.

And just when I was about to sit on the upright bench and start my sitting overhead press reps I flashed back to using resistance bands during the gym closing. I recalled my apprehension in using them. But then I remember the burn I felt and the pump I got when I put my mind to feeling how much weight I’d need to reach failure after every set.

I flashed back to all those James Grage videos and other fitness personalities who swore by resistance bands. I remembered all of the exercises they did and how they weren’t confined to a gym. I started to think of the freedom and possibilities.

And I asked myself if I can replicate every motion and get that feeling I needed, the same feeling I trusted having developed and maintained a solid physique thus far, then why the fuck am I going to put in another 3 hours at the gym right now?

That’s when I got up, reracked, and left.

I was determined to make this resistance bands shit work and transition 100% from weights to bands.

the catalysts

– strengthening my coding acumen
– juggling many projects/brands/software
– calculated how much time in the gym

– low key sick of the gym atmosphere

james grage convinced

mind body connection

replicating every movement

the learning curve

I’m the type of person who if I’m going to learn something I just want to jump into it head first and pick it up as I go along. But coming from years of traditional weight lifting in a gym, going straight into resistance bands exclusively isn’t something I’d advise straight up.

Unless you have to of course then you have no choice.

As much bad press as “ego” gets when discussing lifting it’s actually a pretty integral part of the weight lifting experience whether you like it or not. There IS something to be said about lifting actual weight, seeing yourself in the gym mirrors moving dumbells and plates around.

But the point I want to make is there IS indeed a learning curve. Bands are not weights. The feel is different. The tension, the resistance

Everybody cheats on reps. Everybody. Matter of fact bodybuilders even admit to cheating when talking about increasing strength and size. What they call “micro-cheating” is how you gain strength many suggest. Going above and beyond, lifting heavier, doing more reps. All of that happens by taking small steps or “cheating” so to speak.

We’ve all done it. We even project our own frustration with our own form on certain exercises and weight onto others. In online fitness communities you’ll see meatheads constantly roasting each other on form and weight. It’s those little cheating things we all do though.

To get that extra rep you’ll swing the weight sometimes. You’ll arch your back even harder to muster up the strength for those extra bench plates to get them up there. You’ll sacrifice a little form to hit that extra weight on a dead lift. Those all contribute to the “feel” of weights.

With resistance bands all of that goes away. There is no “ego”. There is no “cheating” as it were. Just you, the bands, and what you can naturally do.

No weight quantification means you must develop mind-body muscle connection.

the story up to this point



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